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“For an Adviser wishing to better understand the critical illness market, look no further than CIExpert.

THE definitive guide in the market.”

Steve Casey, Head of Marketing

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"...system is fantastic and saves so much time, would recommend to any adviser who is writing CI business..."
CIExpert Member
Mike Weedon, Life Cover for All
CIExpert Member
"We have been using CIExpert for some time and it has proven to be an invaluable tool for both ensuring our CI research is accurate and thorough and for ensuring our files adhere to high compliance standards.

Furthermore, what would historically take an age to obtain from a Life Office is now obtainable with a few clicks.

CIExpert has, on many occasions, helped us demonstrate to our clients that there is more to consider than cost alone when arranging CI..."
CIExpert Member
Peter Chadborn, Plan Money

“Quite simply there is no greater or more in depth database of past and present CI contracts and definitions available - an essential tool for anyone advising on Critical Illness Cover today.”

Michael Aldridge, London & Country
"...and adviser serious about the quality of their protection proposition needs CIExpert membership. Saved 3 hours of research today...”
CIExpert Member
Jiten Varsani, HV Financial Planning
"Every time I go on the website I am amazed at the power of comparison you have added to make our lives easier, and our clients, potentially more secure.

Your attention to detail in this ‘ever changing medical condition’ world, is remarkable..."
CIExpert Member
John Joseph, JJ Financial Services Ltd

“Selecting the most suitable CI plan involves a great deal of laborious work which is why we at Friends Life Individual Protection are delighted to sponsor the CI Expert site.

It provides a massive step forward in understanding and rating the various plans.”

CIExpert Member
"CIExpert, what a fantastic tool!
Any Advisor who wants to ensure that they can deliver a professional service to clients when advising on CIC cover should at least review this product.

CIExpert has saved me hours of time comparing and evidencing recommendations, equally it has assisted in winning £000's of business, I would not be without it."
Sam Hubbard, Encompass Financial Solutions
Individual Achievement Award, Cover Excellence Awards 2013
Cover Magazine
The judges commended Alan’s work on CIExpert:

“...he brought to the IFA market a valuable new resource, clearing a large measure of confusion over the comparison of critical illness policies”
CIExpert Member

“Love the updates...the system is simple to use, adviser and customer friendly. Thanks CIExpert.”

Victoria Whittle, LR Finance
CIExpert Member

“I’ve just subscribed to CIExpert today. Received first class service and its a great product. A ‘must’ if you’re in the industry.”

Craig Hernen, Money & Mortgages
CIExpert Member

“ investment last year, into the CIExpert system, has proved to be the best money I have spent in over 40 years in Financial Services.”

Nick Loggin, Redfield Independent Financial Planning

“The complexity involved in comparing critical illness plans has always created challenges in selling protection and we believe CIExpert’s statistics-based approach is an excellent service that removed the laborious elements for advisers.

Richard Adams, Stonebridge Group
The service improves the quality of advice provided, efficiency for the adviser and automatically creates reports to support the compliance process.
This is also an income-generating opportunity for our advisers that will significantly improve their research, enabling them to provide clients with an informed choice. ”
CIExpert Member

“...I have found it difficult trying to compare new CIC policies with old ones, however its different when using the CIExpert website which is brilliant. I have clients with old CIC policies and now the knowledge and confidence to go back to them to consider re-broking. ”

Linda Williams, Mortgage Connect
CIExpert Member

“...I have found CIExpert an essential sales tool when demonstrating to clients the pro’s and con’s of changing an existing policy, I don’t see how you can re-broke CIC without it. ”

Robert Reynolds, The Mortgage Store Ltd
CIExpert Member

“Every time I see one of our advisers use CIExpert I am amazed at the depth of knowledge & access to information it gives them on CI.”

Ricky Butler, Lifesearch
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