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Over three years of complex research and analysis translates into a ranking system that matches policies to individual needs.

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Compare Critical Illness with Clarity

Sam Hubbard, Encompass FS
TenetLime Adviser of the Year 2013

“If you are serious about doing protection business then this is a fantastic tool that you should not be without...”

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The comparative tables have been compiled using the annual incidence figures adjusted by the scope for a successful claim allowed by the different claims wordings.

Many conditions exhibit an overlap with others which adds to the confusion when assessing worth and makes many determinations difficult to pin down.

The summary of these rankings are presented in a simple comparative format for the purpose of assisting in the understanding of critical illness plans and how the different conditions interact.

When comparing two policies the system automatically identifies differentiating conditions and highlights them in bold for clear comparison and ease of use.

A quick look summary totals each policy’s differentiating conditions as well as any partial payments or enhanced payments.

On completing a comparison the adviser can generate a detailed report PDF document, structured for the adviser to convey recommendations to their clients. To learn more about our reports download a copy of our brochure.
Adviser Service Policy Rankings Conditions Database Policy Database Key Statistics Existing Versus New Plan Comparison Membership Information

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