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PanaceaAdviser is a free resource to IFA’s where access to product provider tools can be found all in one place. It enables research particularly for those looking askance at the RDR and questioning their futures.

It offers access to a community of advisers, provider training and industry viewpoints. In addition it offers special offers and discounts to members.

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CIExpert has teamed up with Panacea to bring you a dedicated Protection forum, where you can discuss any Protection queries you may have, or to help others with any issues they may have.

The forum has been designed by Financial Advisers and offers advisers throughout the country the chance to share ideas, discuss industry issues and increase knowledge as part of a unique online community.

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Visit the CIExpert & Panacea Protection forum for
adviser support and get involved today...
Mick James, Peter Barrett and Anton Brink at RGA.
John Woodford at Munich Re.
Steve Casey, Matt Foster and Ryan Griffin at AIG Life.
Alex King at Pacific Re.
Andy Milburn at TeamSpirit.
Kevin Carr at Kevin Carr Consulting.
Nick Telfer at VitalityLife
Staple Inn Actuarial Society for their publications.
Martin Werth at Living Benefits.
Ian Jefferies at Skandia Life.
Paul Brett and Johan Du Troit at Gen Re for their mammoth publication ‘A Critical Table’ which helped inspire this site.
Tenet Group is the largest independently owned adviser support group in the UK, helping both Appointed Representatives and Directly Authorised advisers. Tenet also provide a broad range of services, from compliance and training to research and business development support. Tenet take great pride in the depth of expertise they have in every sector and service all areas of the IFA.
Tenet has carried out due diligence and has assessed the CIExpert Online Service as suitable for its members to use. For more information Tenet Members use the link below.


We recognise how complex it is to differentiate between CI policies...

Use our research to provide both efficient and informed advice.

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Stonebridge Group the mortgage and insurance network, has announced they are now offering the CIExpert service to their members:

Tenet Members Offer

“Our ambition in 2014 is to recognised across the sector as a true partnership which members can trust to deliver their business ambitions. In this business our AR firms are business partners and we want to ensure they have all the resource and support they need in order to be the best businesses they can...”

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Stonebridge members can find out more about the offer available to them by clicking the link below:

Stonebridge Members

IFA Compliance provides support services for IFA’s and for those seeking FCA approval for the first time. IFA Compliance has announced that it will now make CIExpert available to all adviser firms who are customers:
“...We feel this is the perfect solution; providing greater knowledge of CI and confidence that you are providing high quality advice with the added bonus of an automatically generated audit trail to support the compliance process.”
IFA Compliance customers can find out more about the offer available to them by clicking the link below:

IFA Compliance Offer

IFA Compliance
Thank you to all of the individuals and companies who have taken the time and trouble to assist with information or to lend their support. The list below is not exhaustible and apologies to anybody we have neglected to thank.
Mortgage Intelligence is one of the largest mortgage distribution companies in the UK. The network is sharpening its focus on protection sales by introducing CI comparison site CIExpert for its mortgage advisers to use. The service is now available to all members after an initial pilot scheme:
Sally Laker, Managing Director of Mortgage Intelligence said the partnership was an “opportunity for our members to increase protection income.”
MI/MN members can find out more about the offer available to them by clicking the link below:

Mortgage Intelligence Members

LifeSearch is a leading Life and Protection insurance advise based broker who have been providing an award winning service for over 15 years.
“We are constantly looking for ways to utilise technology to improve the service that we provide to our customers. A tool like CIExpert enables us to rapidly assess the options available to a client and convey the information to them in a way that is easy to comprehend.
The depth of the analysis presented engages our customers in a discussion about the quality of cover rather than simply looking at the cheapest option...”
Ricky Butler, Head of Development at LifeSearch:
The Right Mortgage & Protection Network are a financial services company based in The Midlands. They are committed to supporting advisers to expand their client bank, make selling easier and help secure financial futures for themselves and their clients.

Martin Wilson, Managing Director:
“CIExpert fits entirely within our ethos of supporting our advisers to provide the best outcome for their customers, whilst at the same time providing a refreshingly simple approach to compliance.

The process has the added benefit of alleviating the onerous burden of generating detailed information required for the compliance process.

It is an excellent solution for both the customer and the adviser.”

The Right Network

The Right Mortgage Network
SimplyBiz Group are the largest supporter of directly authorised advisers in the market, providing compliance and business support to their 5000 members. SimplyBiz Group has announced that they are making CIExpert available to all their members.

Martin Reynolds, Chief Executive:
“...We take protection very seriously and are continually looking for ways to equip our members with the technical knowledge and tools to assist them in developing their protection business...

The ease of use of the various features creates an excellent service for both the adviser and the client.”
SimplyBiz Group members click the link below to find out more about the offer available to you:

SimplyBiz Offer

SimplyBiz Group
Openwork is one of the largest financial advice networks in the UK, with a professional community of more than 2,000 financial advisers. Openwork have teamed up with CIExpert to promote the use of our knowledge base to help their members boost their protection business:
Paul Shearman, Mortgages, GI & Protection Proposition Director:
“With the constant flow of policy improvements that include new conditions and definitions, advisers need to be able to understand the tradeoffs for their clients. Making this tool available to our members enables them to carry out detailed critical illness research in minutes, whilst also improving their knowledge. We are confident this will support the conversations advisers have with their clients on the very important subject of critical illness cover, and ensure more people take out the cover they need.”

Openwork Offer

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