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We recognise how complex it is to differentiate between policies. Use our research to provide both efficient and informed advice.

The service that we provide to assist advisers is aimed at increasing their confidence in critical illness as a product.
If this can be achieved then more sales will emerge and more consumers will be covered. Hopefully it will also point advisers towards the better plans instead of the cheapest or those with the greatest name awareness.

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Membership Information

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Compare Critical Illness with Clarity

Sam Hubbard, Encompass FS
TenetLime Adviser of the Year 2013

“If you are serious about doing protection business then this is a fantastic tool that you should not be without...”

Online Service assisting advisers to increase efficiency and confidence in assessing the most appropriate critical illness policy for their clients
A detailed ranking system based upon incidence statistics assisting adviser in matching policies to individual needs
Provides easy access to a detailed knowledge base of both current and historical policies
The only system on the market that currently enables a true comparison
of CI plans based on the statistical likelihood of meeting a claim...
CIExpert is an independent organisation.
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