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"Every time I go on the website I am amazed at the power of comparison you have added to make our lives easier, and our clients, potentially more secure.

Your attention to detail in this ‘ever changing medical condition’ world, is remarkable..."

John Joseph, JJ Financial Services Ltd



Alan Lakey has operated himself as a financial adviser for over 30 years and in that time he has established a reputation in the industry for championing things that he feels strongly about. His work has been acknowledged by multiple awards that he has been awarded over the years.

He is now recognised as the UK leading expert in Critical Illness Insurance and is often called upon by the press to comment on events in the industry.

Some years back he developed a particular interest in Critical Illness Insurance and driven by his desire to give his clients the best possible advice he embarked on a mission to build a systematic way of comparing the policies available against individual needs.

That has transformed into over six years of detailed research unmatched in the industry and methodology that provides a set of tools to rapidly identify the best options available to an individual.

CIExpert is now the vehicle chosen to allow other Financial Advisers to access the knowledge base and tools so that they can now give their clients advice based upon a depth of information not previously available.

The only system on the market that currently enables a
true comparison of CI plans based on the statistical likelihood
of meeting a claim...



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CIExpert is an independent organisation that creates in depth analysis to assist advisers in choosing the best policy for their clients. We also seek to provide guidance and education to consumers in understanding the value and choice of Critical Illness Insurance. We pride ourselves on maintaining an objective view.