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CIExpert on Canada Life’s individual CI upgrade

Adam Saville | 21 Mar 2019 | Cover Magazine

‘Solid improvements that will increase claims paid,’ says Alan Lakey...Read more

Why is UK life insurance the cheapest in the world?

Alan Lakey| Cover Magazine | 27 Feb 2019

The cost of life insurance in the UK is the cheapest in the world, even though some countries, like Japan, Switzerland and Singapore evince superior longevity...Read more

CIExpert on Scottish Widows ‘Plan & Protect’

Adam Saville | 29 Jan 2019 | Cover Magazine

‘For use by branch advisers and designed to be easily understood by both them and potential customers’, says Alan Lakey...Read more

Scottish Widows unveils ‘Plan & Protect’ range

Adam Saville | Cover Magazine | 29 Jan 2019

Scottish Widows’ ‘Plan & Protect’ products are now available to Halifax, Lloyds Bank and Bank of Scotland mortgage customers in branches, following regional trials since October 2018...Read more

2018: A critical year

Alan Lakey | 14 Dec 2018 | Cover Magazine

CIExpert's Alan Lakey reviews a year in critical illness with 'child-like exhilaration'...Read more

Gamechangers of the protection industry

Kevin Carr | 12 Dec 2018 | FT Adviser

The protection industry tends to get a bad rap when it comes to innovation and technology...Read more

Breaking-down the ‘momentous changes’ in critical illness insurance - CIExpert

Alan Lakey | Mortgage Solutions | 10 Dec 2018

For those of us who consider critical illness to be an essential part of a strategic mortgage protection plan, 2018 has proved to be an extremely busy and even exciting year...Read more

Royal London changes critical illness cover

Rachel Addison | FT Adviser | 10 Dec 2018

Royal London has made a range of changes to its critical illness products, including no longer requiring treatment to pay a low grade prostate cancer claim...Read more

CIExpert on latest L&G critical illness upgrade

Adam Saville | 26 Nov 2018 | Cover Magazine

Legal & General’s third critical illness upgrade of 2018 has brought with it an increase in the payment level of adult additional payment condition within the critical illness extra plan...Read more

Legal & General refreshes critical illness offering

Ryan Bembridge | Mortgage Introducer | 26 Nov 2018

Legal & General has updated its critical illness offering by increasing the payment level for adult additional payment conditions and for children’s critical illness extra cover...Read more

Breast cancer still biggest cause of CI claims - Aegon

Adam Saville | Cover Mag | 25 Oct 2018

Aegon figures show that breast cancer was the single most common cause of CI claims in 2017, accounting for 15%, and a quarter (26%) of its CI cancer claims (60%) were for breast cancer...Read more

CIExpert on Aviva’s critical illness updates

Adam Saville | 15 Oct 2018 | Cover Magazine

Five new conditions have been added to Aviva's Critical Illness+ and Life Assurance+ plans, a new upgraded adult addition and a further three children's conditions...Read more

Top 10 things advisers should know about protection

Kevin Carr and Suzanne Clarkson | FT Adviser  | 8 Oct 2018

There’s no substitute for experience, as the saying goes. And never more so than in the nuanced world of financial planning. People are unique. And any job that involves working with people must reflect that truism...Read more

CIExpert on Zurich critical illness upgrades

Adam Saville | 10 Sep 2018 | Cover Magazine

Alan Lakey is ‘impressed by the two policies which offers flexibility to match individual needs’ which ‘compete strongly with other top quality policies’...Read more

TMA teams with CIExpert on protection comparison service

Rachel Addison | FT Adviser  | 29 Aug 2018

TMA Club has introduced a critical illness comparison service to its members in partnership with CIExpert...Read more

Alan Lakey: How children’s critical illness cover has evolved

Alan Lakey | Cover Mag  | 20 Aug 2018

Insurers have competed to improve payment conditions, ages covered and specific conditions for children over the years...Read more

CIExpert on Old Mutual Wealth critical illness upgrades

Adam Saville | Cover Mag  | 23 Jul 2018

“Substantial improvements across the board,” says Alan Lakey...Read more

CIExpert on Guardian’s critical illness conditions

Adam Saville | Cover Mag  | 16 May 2018

This morning we announced the first details of Guardian’s new offering for critical illness and terminal illness benefit (for life cover)...Read more

Guardian: ‘Simpler, broader definitions’ for CIC and terminal illness

Adam Saville | Cover Mag  | 16 May 2018

Gryphon Group Holdings targets protection disruption by removing exclusions for critical illness and terminal illness...Read more

CIExpert on L&G’s Critical Illness Extra update

Adam Saville | Cover Mag  | 23 Apr 2018

Following the announcement of Legal & General’s Critical Illness Extra (Cix) option - which includes brand new payment conditions, added flexibility around children’s cover and improved adult condition wordings - CIExpert has issued COVER readers its verdict...Read more

Legal & General boosts critical illness offering

Emma Ann Hughes | Cover Mag  | 23 Apr 2018

Legal & General has improved its critical illness offering by introducing two levels of adult cover...Read more

CIExpert on Aviva’s revised Relevant Life policy

Adam Saville | Cover Mag  | 12 Mar 2018

New version is “a different beast entirely” compared to individual CIC plans, says Alan Lakey...Read more

Aviva overhauls life insurance after HMRC talks

Damian Fantato | FT Adviser  | 12 Mar 2018

Aviva has made changes to its relevant life insurance proposition after working with HM Revenue & Customs following concerns from advisers...Read more

CIExpert on L&G’s extension to children’s critical illness cover

Adam Saville | Cover Mag  | 26 Feb 2018

“Any upgrade is welcome if the result is more claims paid,” says CIExpert’s Alan Lakey...Read more

Legal & General launch children’s critical illness extra

Adam Saville | Cover Mag  | 26 Feb 2018

A new paid for option available to parents needing more coverage plus added benefits at no extra cost launched on Sunday...Read more

Royal London revamps children’s critical illness cover

Rosie Murray-West  |  FT Adviser | 29 Jan 2018

Royal London has introduced flexible options for children’s critical illness (CIC) cover, including the option of paying more for increased benefits for children...Read more

How to choose the ‘best’ critical illness plan

Alan Lakey  |  Cover Magazine | 18 Jan 2018

Every adviser has a view or a process regarding critical illness plan selection and whilst there may not be a single right method of doing this there are certainly a number of incorrect furrows that are currently being ploughed...Read more

Why protection providers must take a gamble

Phil Jeynes | Money Marketing | 17 Jan 2018

Providers should listen closer to advisers and consumers when deciding what initiatives will work...Read more

‘What I learnt when I met a financial adviser for the first time’

Holly Black | Telegraph  | 16 Jan 2018

“If your husband were to die tomorrow, would you be able to get by financially?” I’m sitting in a warm meeting room across the desk from a man I’ve never met before...Read more

Protection experts welcome ABI consultation into critical illness cover

Fiona Murphy |  Cover Mag  | 24 Nov 2017

Protection experts have so far responded positively to the Association of British Insurers (ABI)’s public consultation, the Guide to Minimum Standards for Critical Illness insurance...Read more

CIExpert: An analysis of children’s critical illness benefits

Alan Lakey |  Cover Mag  | 20 Nov 2017

Child cover within critical illness plans has assumed a far greater importance in recent years, writes CIExpert’s Alan Lakey...Read more

Network secures discount access to CIExpert

Simon Allin  |  FT Adviser  | 26 Oct 2017

The Right Mortgage & Protection Network has struck a deal with CIExpert to provide its members with discounted access to its critical illness comparison service...Read more

CIExpert reviews Royal London critical illness upgrade

Fiona Murphy  |  Cover Mag  | 16 Oct 2017

Royal London has upgraded the cover within its critical illness plans. They have added three new conditions and have enhanced the claims wording for an existing condition, says CIExpert...Read more

Royal London makes TPD optional on critical illness cover

Fiona Murphy  |  Cover Mag  | 16 Oct 2017

Customers will now be able to choose whether to include Total Permanent Disability (TPD) on their critical illness policy, Royal London has confirmed...Read more

COVER Excellence Awards 2017: Winners revealed

Fiona Murphy  |  Cover Mag  | 6 Oct 2017

The COVER Excellence Awards 2017 took place on Wednesday (4 October 2017) to recognise exceptional protection and health insurance products, providers, intermediaries and individuals within these industries...Read more

Why you should consider children’s critical illness cover

Simoney Kyriakou  |  FT Adviser  | 27 Sep 2017

Advisers should give great consideration to children’s cover when advising on adult plans, Alan Lakey has claimed...Read more

CIExpert analyses Aviva critical illness cover changes

Fiona Murphy  |  Cover Mag  | 18 Sep 2017

Aviva, fresh from its substantial upgrade last November - when it absorbed market-leading Friends Life and introduced tiers of cover - has added further enhancements...Read more

Aviva doubles child CI cancer payout to £50k

Fiona Murphy  |  Cover Mag  | 18 Sep 2017

Aviva has enhanced its Life Insurance+ and Critical Illness+ products by making changes to four definitions which centre on the most common payment areas...Read more

In Partnership introduces CIExpert’s service to network members

Fiona Murphy | Cover Magazine | 12 July 2017

Network In Partnership has made CIExpert’s analysis service available for its members...Read more

Royal London releases 2016 claim stats

Fiona Murphy  |  Cover Mag  | 31 May 2017

Royal London paid 97.3% of claims totalling over £331m during 2016, according to the insurer’s published claims statistics...Read more

Scottish Widows pays out 99% of life claims

Simon Allin  |  FT Adviser  | 16 May 2017

Scottish Widows paid out more than 99 per cent of life claims in 2016, exceeding the previous year’s total...Read more

Canada Life enhances critical illness cover

Rosie Murray-West  |  FT Adviser  | 15 May 2017

Canada Life has enhanced its CanProtect critical illness range, although experts say it will take more changes to bring it in line with top-quality rivals...Read more

CIExpert describes Scottish Widows CI changes as ‘progressive’

Fiona Murphy | Cover Magazine | 20 Feb 2017

Alan Lakey, director of CIExpert analyses the latest changes from Scottish Widows to its Protect critical illness product...Read more

Scottish Widows updates critical illness cover

Protection  |  FT Adviser  | 20 Feb 2017

Scottish Widows has updated its critical illness definitions for Scottish Widows Protect so that one additional payment is required for cancer is situ requiring surgery...Read more

Claims Statistics: A reminder that the protection industry is not the sole preserve of insurers

Alan Lakey | Cover Magazine | 10 Feb 2017

Alan Lakey defends the publication of claims statistics and argues that insurers should go much further...Read more

CIExpert: Simplicity has ‘slipped through the net’ for Aviva’s revamped CI

Fiona Murphy | Cover Magazine | 14 Nov 2016

CIExpert’s Alan Lakey has described Aviva’s new critical illness offering as complex and confusing...Read more

Aviva protection overhaul harks back to 1980s

Damian Fantato |  FT Adviser  | 14 Nov 2016

Aviva has overhauled their protection products for the adviser market, with insurance experts saying the new policies “revert to a 1980s template...” Read more

CIExpert made available to SJP partners

FT Adviser | Emma Ann Hughes | 8 Nov 2016

St James’s Place has partnered with CIExpert to make the analysis service available to its partners...Read more

St James’s Place makes CIExpert service available to its partners

Health Insurance Daily | 10 Nov 2016

Wealth management firm St James’s Place has partnered with CIExpert to make the analysis service available to its partners...Read more

St. James’s Place partners with CIExpert

Cover Magazine | Fiona Murphy | 8 Nov 2016

CIExpert has announced that it has partnered with wealth management advisers St. James’s Place...Read more

CIExpert: Royal London’s CI upgrade ‘refuses to play the conditions game’

Cover Magazine | Fiona Murphy | 3 Oct 2016

CIExpert analyses the latest critical illness upgrades from Royal London...Read more

Royal London updates CI cover

Fiona Muprhy | Cover Magazine | 3 Oct 2016

Royal London has enhanced its critical illness cover (CIC)...Read more

e-Book: Shedding light on protection planning

Fiona Muprhy | Cover Magazine | 10 Aug 2016

COVER and Old Mutual Wealth have joined forces to produce this e-book to help bring into focus areas in protection and financial planning that many financial advisers are missing out on...Read more

CIExpert: The verdict on AIG Life’s ‘simple’ CI plan

Cover Magazine | Fiona Murphy | 10 Aug 2016

AIG Life has launched a simple critical illness plan called Key3 which incorporates just three conditions - Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke, writes CIExpert...Read more

CIExpert: Friends Life CI ‘underlines commitment to quality’

Cover Magazine | Fiona Murphy | 27 June 2016

CIExpert has analysed Friends Life’s latest critical illness saying it has provided a ‘riposte’ to AIG’s challenge to be the top CI provider....Read more

CIExpert: Aegon upgrades critical illness policy

Cover Magazine | Fiona Murphy | 20 June 2016

CIExpert has revealed that Aegon has made some substantial improvements to its critical illness cover which elevates it higher within the CIExpert comparative tables....Read more

CIExpert: Zurich no longer in the ‘relegation zone’ with CI plan upgrade

Cover Magazine | Fiona Murphy | 13 June 2016

CIExpert has revealed that Zurich has refreshed its critical illness plans - adding three 100% conditions, twenty additional payment conditions...Read more

Scottish Widows clarifies children's CI cover eligibility

Fiona Muprhy | Cover Magazine | 19 April 2016

Scottish Widows has clarified that its children's critical illness cover will pay claims from birth...Read more

London & Country ups game with CIExpert

Mortgage Introducer | Sarah Davidson | 12 April 2016

London & Country Mortgages is integrating the CIExpert critical illness research tool into its sales process following a successful pilot...Read more

London & Country extends partnership with CIExpert

Fiona Murphy | Cover Mag | 12 April 2016

Following a successful pilot, London and Country Mortgages (L&C) is extending its partnership with CIExpert to allow for more integration of the critical illness research tool into its sales process...Read more

‘Foolish’ CI payout problems prompt call for overhaul

Shirin Aguiar | FT Adviser | 30 March 2016

Recent bad press on critical illness products is due to bad designs, protection specialist Alan Lakey has said, as he repeated calls for market action to prevent clients discovering too late they are not covered...Read more

CIExpert upgrades policy comparison site

Katherine Denham  | FT Adviser | 16 February 2016

Critical Illness specialist CIExpert has upgraded its website so advisers are able to compare more than 400 protection policies...Read more

CIExpert upgrades to support advisers performing CI reviews

Fiona Murphy  | Cover Magazine | 16 February 2016

CIExpert has upgraded its website to allow advisers to make comparisons between new and existing policies when reviewing the merits of replacing a client’s existing policy...Read more

Opinion: What are the risks of not upgrading a CI policy?

Alan Lakey  | Cover Magazine | 10 February 2016

Alan Lakey discusses the recent case of Hein Pretorius whose critical illness claims for amputation of a single limb were declined and what advisers can do as policy wordings change over time...Read more

CIExpert: Aviva’s Relevant Life with CI is a ‘breakthrough’

Fiona Murphy  | Cover Magazine | 25 January 2016

CIExpert has analysed the launch of Aviva’s business protection policies and described its Relevant Life plan with integrated critical illness cover as a ‘breakthrough’ for the protection market...Read more

LV= upgrades critical illness cover

Fiona Murphy | Cover Mag | 26 January 2016

LV= has made changes to its critical illness plan meaning it is the final insurer to make adjustments in accordance with the 2014 ABI statement of Best Practice (SOBP)...Read more

Don’t let time be a factor in mortgage protection

Alan Lakey  | Cover Magazine | 11 January 2016

Alan Lakey highlights the reasons why he believes mortgage advisers tend to have difficulty in making the protection sale...Read more

CIExpert: AIG Life ‘has laid down a challenge to other providers’

Fiona Murphy | Cover Magazine | 16 December 2015

CIExpert said that AIG Life has ‘laid down a challenge to other providers with substantial improvements to its critical illness plan...Read more

CIExpert: The verdict on L&G CI offering

Fiona Murphy | Cover Magazine | 14 December 2015

CIExpert gives its view on the latest critical illness changes from L&G...Read more

Bright Grey completes rebrand to Royal London

Fiona Murphy | Cover Mag | 30 Nov 2015

Bright Grey has now rebranded to Royal London as the mutual confirmed it would move to a single protection business bringing together “the best elements of the Bright Grey and Scottish Provident brands’ by the end of the year...Read more

Scottish Widows unveils products for protection re-entry

Peter Walker | FT Adviser | 6 Oct 2015

Scottish Widows has unveiled details of its new protection product range, which will include reducing, relevant and increasing life term, stand-alone critical illness and life with critical illness plans...Read more

CIExpert: The verdict on Scottish Widow’s imminent adviser market return

Fiona Murphy | Cover Mag | 6 Oct 2015

Scottish Widows is to re-enter the adviser protection market with a range of life and critical illness plans using the ‘Protect’ name, COVER understands...Read more

CIExpert: Bright Grey updates CI definitions

Fiona Murphy | Cover Mag | 14 Sept 2015

Bright Grey is the latest insurer to upgrade its plan at the same time as it adopts the revised ABI model wordings that must be effected by 31st December, CIExpert has said...Read more

Canada Life CI add on to new individual life products a ‘welcome addition’ - CIExpert

Thomas Smith | Cover Magazine | 24 August 2015

CIExpert has described Canada Life’s Critical Illness (CI) add on to its new individual life policies as ‘a welcome addition to the market’...Read more

Canada Life re-enters individual life market with four plans

Peter Walker | FT Adviser | 24 August 2015

Canada Life has re-entered the individual life market by launching four new plans using the CanLife Protect brand...Read more

Aviva enhances CI cover to pay more claims

Fiona Murphy | Cover Magazine | 31 July 2015

Aviva has enhanced definitions for seven critical illness conditions and added a new additional benefit, to increase the number of claims paid...Read more

Spot the difference: Variations in children’s cover explained

Alan Lakey | Cover Magazine | 14 July 2015

Alan Lakey discusses why advisers should pay closer attention to the differences in children’s cover offered by insurers...Read more

Openwork teams up with CIExpert to boost protection sales

Fiona Murphy | Cover Mag | 9 June 2015

Network Openwork has teamed up with CIExpert to promote the use of its knowlegebase to help members boost their protection business...Read more

Openwork signs deal with CIExpert

Sarah Davidson | Mortgage Introducer | 9 June 2015

Openwork has teamed up with Alan Lakey’s CIExpert to offer its appointed representatives better information on critical illness cover in a bid to boost protection sales...Read more

Alan Lakey: Time for change on CI cover

Alan Lakey | Money Marketing | 20 May 2015

For 20 years I have avoided using claims criteria such as activities of daily living or similar terms for income protection. My reasoning is simple...Read more

Cover story: Hi-tech, high impact

Edmund Tirbutt | Mortgage Strategy | 13 May 2015

Technology has brought great change to the market and these days there is little that brokers cannot do online...Read more

A common sense approach for critical illness

Kevin Carr | Mortgage Introducer  | May 2015

Once upon a time it was thought the more conditions covered by a critical illness provider the better...Read more

CIExpert: Zurich changes ‘all positive’

Thomas Smith | Cover Magazine | 19 May 2015

Zurich’s changes to its critical illness policy are ‘all positive’ and will help Zurich maintain its position in the market, CIExpert has said...Read more

CIExpert: Aegon changes ‘positive’

Thomas Smith | Cover Magazine | 18 May 2015

Aegon’s upgrade to its critical illness (CI) offering whilst adjusting to the model wording changes introduced by the ABI in December 2014 are overall ‘positive’, CIExpert has said...Read more

Aegon and Zurich update CI

Sarah Davidson | Mortgage Introducer | 18 May 2015

Aegon and Zurich have both announced additional definitions to their critical illness cover plans this morning with CIExpert founder Alan Lakey calling the upgrades “generally positive”...Read more

Opinion: Why the condition counting game is nonsensical

Alan Lakey | Cover | 29 April 2015

Alan Lakey picks holes in the insurer practice of ‘condition counting’ in critical illness policies...Read more

10 important things to know about critical illness cover

Kevin Carr | FT Adviser| 28 April 2015

Around half a million individual critical illness policies are sold each year, making it a cornerstone of financial planning for many families...Read more

CIExpert: Aviva brings CI policy into line with ‘market leaders’

Fiona Murphy | Cover Magazine | 7 April 2015

Aviva’s latest changes to its critical illness (CI) policy has brought it into line with ‘market leaders’ Friends Life and Old Mutual Wealth, CIExpert has said...Read more

CIExpert: Friends Life CI changes ‘significant’

Thomas Smith | Cover Magazine | 16 March 2015

CIExpert has described Friends Life’s changes to its critical illness (CI) product as offering ‘a number of significant improvements’...Read more

Friends Life widens critical illness cancer cover

Peter Walker | FT Adviser | 16 March 2015

Friends Life has updated its critical illness product, improving coverage of less advanced cancers to give one of the widest covers available within a standard policy...Read more

Friends Life makes CIC improvements

Alan Lakey | Mortgage Introducer | 16 March 2015

Friends Life has improvements to its CIC product with a clear focus on continuing to offer top of the market cover, write Alan Lakey, director, CIExpert...Read more

Protection has evolved, so why aren’t sales surging?

Donia O’Loughlin| FT Adviser| 9 March 2015

Shock tactics, not product innovation, is the only way insurance sales will pick up, says Alan Lakey...Read more

Simplybiz tells members to use CIExpert protection tool

Peter Walker | FT Adviser | 3 March 2015

Support services firm SimplyBiz is telling members to use online portal CIExpert for their protection business, as part of a programme to build focus on protection...Read more

Simplybiz Group members to use CIExpert

Fiona Murphy | Cover Magazine | 3 March 2015

SimplyBiz will be advocating the use of CIExpert by their members to enhance their protection business in a series of protection-focused events across the country...Read more

Aegon pays over 90% of life, CI and IP claims

Peter Walker | FT Adviser| 3 March 2015

Aegon UK paid a total of £113m in life, critical illness and income protection claims last year, helping more than 1,200 customers, families and businesses...Read more

LV promotes awareness of prostate and ovarian cancer

Fiona Murphy | Cover Magazine | 27 February 2015

LV= has said that two out of ten (19%) of its male cancer critical illness claims relate to prostate and testicular cancer while ovarian cancer accounts for nearly one in 15 (7%) femalie critical illness cancer claims...Read more

Spreading the Word

Jeff Prestridge | FT Adviser | 27 February 2015

The protection insurance industry has done a great job cleaning up its act. Now it’s time to spread the word to the public...Read more

CIExpert’s Alan Lakey wins Protection Adviser of the Year at Unbiased Media Awards 2015 has announced the winners of this year’s Media Adviser Awards...Read more

The Right Mortgage & Protection backs CIExpert

Ryan Bembridge | Mortgage Introducer | 2 February 2015

CIExpert lets advisers evaluate the whole of market with its research and analysis, helping them pick the most appropriate critical illness policy for clients...Read more

Review: Top protection tech in 2014

Guy Williams | Cover Magazine | 8 December 2014

Guy Williams reviews the innovations in protection technology launched during 2014..Read more

CIExpert available through IFA Compliance

Thomas Smith | Cover Magazine | 8 December 2014

IFA Compliance has announced that it will now make CIExpert available to all adviser firms who are customers...Read more

CIExpert: Old Mutual Wealth “has thrown down the gauntlet”

Thomas Smith | Cover Magazine | 27 November 2014

CIExpert has given its verdict on Old Mutual Wealth’s critical illness (CI) changes including conditions new to CI...Read more

CIExpert upgrades site to enhance adviser processes

Fiona Murphy | Cover Magazine | 25 November 2014

CIExpert has announced enhancements including the addition of four past providers to the database, meaning advisers can analyse 40 providers with over 250 policies when re-broking a critical illness existing policy...Read more

‘I had to sell my home when I became ill’: Read Tracey’s moving story and you’ll never risk losing your income through illness

Jeff Prestridge | Daily Mail | 1 November 2014

Former pharmacy technician Tracey Clarke has reluctantly had to accept that, sooner rather than later, she will lose her eyesight altogether...Read more

Architect of critical illness cover passes away

Natalie Holt | Money Marketing | 14 November 2014

The architect of critical illness insurance Dr Marius Bernard has died aged 87...Read more

A quarter of male CI cancer claims for prostate cancer - Aegon

Fiona Murphy | Cover Mag | 7 November 2014

Cancer has accounted for 50% of all male critical illness (CI) claims with a quarter of those claims for prostate cancer this year, Aegon’s claims statistics have revealed...Read more

CIExpert: The Gender Gap

Alan Lakey | Cover Magazine | 3 November 2014

Alan Lakey analyses premium adjustments on CI policies in the wake of the Gender Directive...Read more

Mortgage network rolls out CIExpert to brokers

Fiona Murphy | Cover Magazine | 13 October 2014

Network Mortgage Intelligence has sharpened its focus on protection sales by introducing critical illness comaprison site CIExpert for its mortgage advisers to use...Read more

Mortgage Intelligence adopts CIExpert for members

Devraj Ray | Money Marketing | 13 October 2014

Distributor Mortgage Intelligence has adopted critical illness comparison service CIExpert for its members to use. The announcement comes after a pilot scheme...Read more

Making sense of critical illness

Ricky Butler | Mindful Money | 6 October 2014

With a large choice of plans available and insurance companies constantly evolving their definitions it’s important to choose wisely when setting up a critical illness plan...Read more

CIExpert assesses Bright Grey’s CI policy

Fiona Murphy | Cover Magazine | 29 September 2014

CIExpert has given its verdit on Bright Grey’s critical illness (CI) policy revamp citing its children’s cover improvement as a notable change....Read more

CIExpert: L&G upgrades CI cover to ‘remain competitive’

Fiona Murphy | Cover Magazine | 22 September 2014

CIExpert gives its verdict on Legal & General as the latest insurer to upgrade its (CI) critical illness proposition, 17 months after its last set of improvements...Read more

Skandia platform name dropped after 35 years

Matthew Jeynes | FT Adviser | 22 September 2014

A new era for one of the largest adviser platforms is expected to begin this week as the 35-year-old Skandia brand is dropped in favour of Old Mutual Wealth...Read more

CIExpert: Beagle Street kicks off CI upgrade race

Alan Lakey | Mortgage Introducer | 17 September 2014

Beagle Street, the online insurer that entered the market in July 2012 has kicked off this seasons critical illness upgrade race, writes Alan Lakey...Read more

CIExpert: Beagle Street kicks off CI ‘upgrade race’

Fiona Murphy | Cover Magazine | 17 September 2014

CIExpert has revealed that Beagle Street, the online insurer that entered the market in July 2012 has ‘kicked off this season’s critical illness upgrade race’...Read more

CIExpert: Where condition counters fall short

Alan Lakey | Cover Magazine | 27 August 2014

Are older CI plans better or worse than modern ones? The answer can be surprisingly complex. Alan Lakey explains...Read more

Stonebridge protection push extends CIExpert to advisers

Peter Walker | FT Adviser | 18 Aug 2014

Mortgage and insurance network Stonebridge Group will be offering critical illness knowledge website CIExpert to its advisers from today (18 August)...Read more

Stonebridge introduces CIExpert in protection drive

Paul Robertson | Cover Mag | 18 Aug 2014

As part of a protection drive, mortgage and insurance network the Stonebridge Group will be offering CIExpert to all its advisers from today...Read more

Is CI too complex? Alan Lakey on Critical Illness Cover - MPAF Podcast Episode 3

Roger Edwards | MPAF Podcast | 8 July 2014

In Epsiode 3 of the Marketing Protection and Finance Podcast – I talk to adviser Alan Lakey...Listen Here

All change for CI

Fiona Murphy | Cover Magazine | 12 June 2014

Individual critical illness saw a relentless pace of change last year. But has the industry gone far enough? Fiona Murphy investigates...Read more

CI: The difference between value and cost

Alan Lakey | Money Marketing | 2 Jun 2014

It is worth the time and effort to explain the value of a product to the buyer, writes Alan Lakey...Read more

CIExpert: What triggers protection complaints

Alan Lakey | Money Marketing | 22 May 2014

Looking at the FOS’s published complaints decisions gives a good idea of what causes protection complaints and how the ombudsman views the issues...Read more

Lies, damn lies and protection insurance statistics

Kevin Carr | FT Adviser | 24 May 2014

The old adage states “you can prove anything with statistics” - but can you, and do they help or hinder?...Read more

Well covered: Why picking a protection policy is no longer about price

Rebecca Jones | Professional Adviser | 1 May 2014

Clients' protection priorities are changing and so too are the tools on offer to help advisers find the right solutions. Rebecca Jones investigates...Read more

CIExpert analyses Friends Life CI upgrade

Cover Mag | Fiona Murphy | 19 Apr 2014

CIExpert has analysed Friends Life's latest upgrade to its critical illness (CI) policy...Read more

CIExpert analyses Friends Life CI upgrade

Cover Mag | Fiona Murphy | 19 Apr 2014

CIExpert has analysed Friends Life's latest upgrade to its critical illness (CI) policy...Read more

CIExpert assesses Aviva CI heart attack upgrade

Cover Mag | Fiona Murphy | 14 Apr 2014

Aviva has gone beyond ABI definitions with enhancements to its critical illness (CI) heart attack coverage, CIExpert has said...Read more

Aviva CI to pay out on all heart attacks

Cover Mag | Fiona Murphy | 14 Apr 2014

Aviva has enhanced its heart attack definition on new critical illness (CI) policies to pay out on the diagnosis of a heart attack regardless of severity...Read more

LV= makes extensive upgrades

Mortgage Introducer | Alan Lakey | 9 Apr 2014

For the second year running LV= has made extensive upgrades to its critical illness cover reaffirming its desire to be seen as the leading critical illness insurer...Read more

Protection Brief: CIExpert: Rebroking is not churning

Money Marketing | Alan Lakey | 27 Mar 2014

Many compliance officers, indeed many advisers, consider rebroking a critical-illness plan to be dangerous, perhaps even tantamount to churning...Read more

Critical Confusion

FT Adviser | Sam Barrett | 24 Mar 2014

As insurers complete to offer the most comprehensive critical illness insurance product, the number of ABI+ definitions has ballooned...Read more

Skandia pays 96% of CI claims in 2013

FT Adviser | Michael Trudeau | 6 Mar 2014

Skandia paid out 96 per cent of its critical illness claims in 2013 after re-entering the market in April, the firm revealed...Read more

Lifesearch Awards celebrate a “strong year” in protection

Cover Mag | Paul Robertson | 6 Mar 2014

LifeSearch Protection Awards 2014 winners are announced...Read more

Market views - Has CI really changed?

Cover Mag | 6 Mar 2014

We saw a lot of changes to critical illness (CI) products last year. Do you think these changes presented a meaningful difference, or was it a case of change for change’s sake?...Read more

CIExpert’s Alan Lakey wins Protection Adviser of the Year at Media Adviser Awards 2014 has announced the winners of this year’s Media Adviser Awards...Read more

Partial critical illness payments are only half the story

Money Marketing | Alan Lakey | 11 Feb 2014

Apfa council member says drop to a maximum of 3,000 advisers is to blame for £2,300bn savings gap...Read more

CIExpert offers historic and white label comparisons

FT Adviser | Donia O'Loughlin | 3 Feb 2014

Life insurance firm boss says CIExpert is an “invaluable research tool that we use to evaluate the appropriateness of a CI contract”...Read more

We’ve got just 1% of protection advice market left

FT Adviser | Donia O'Loughlin | 24 Jan 2014

Apfa council member says drop to a maximum of 3,000 advisers is to blame for £2,300bn savings gap...Read more

The 10 most significant changes to CI cover in 2013

FT Adviser | Kevin Carr | 28 Jan 2014

More than ever insurers are looking to offer above and beyond benefits to make their products stand out...Read more

Aegon enhances critical illness plan

HI-Daily | Emily Perryman | 20 Jan 2014

Aegon has enhanced its critical illness (CI) plan with the addition of eight partial payment conditions and one new full payment condition and improvements to five existing definitions...Read more

Aegon ‘substantially’ improves critical illness plan

Mortgage Strategy | Paul Thomas | 20 Jan 2014

Aegon has ‘substantially’ improved its critical illness plan, according to CI comparison site CIExpert...Read more

Skandia extends range of critical illness cover

Money Marketing | Samuel Dale | 19 Dec 2013

Skandia has expanded its critical illness policies to cover more diseases and increased the maximum age of applicants to 67...Read more

Skandia adds greater clarity to its critical illness plan

Mortgage Introducer | Protection | 19 Dec 2013

Skandia has added greater clarity to its critical illness plan and now has new full payment conditions including Parkinson Plus Syndromes, writes Alan Lakey, director of CIExpert...Read more

Skandia upgrade ‘fires shot across bow of its rivals’- CIExpert

Cover Magazine | Fiona Murphy | 19 Dec 2013

Skandia has ‘fired a shot over the bows of its rivals' with changes to its Critical Illness (CI) plan, according to CIExpert...Read more

CIExpert gives Aviva thumbs up

Cover Magazine | Paul Robertson | 9 Dec 2013

CIExpert has applauded Aviva’s critical illness cover in light of the changes made today...Read more

Critical illness insurance: The neglected cover that could be crucial

Guardian | Money | Liz Phillips | 7 Dec 2013

Critical illness cover - which pays out if you get a life-threatening illness - has a bad reputation. But is it time to look again? Read more

Advisers’ 10 best protection selling points

FT Adviser | Protection | Kevin Carr | 27 Nov 2013

Every now and then it’s nice to hear what people think the protection industry does well and how we innovate...Read more

CIExpert: It’s all in the policy wording

Cover Magazine | Alan Lakey | 19 Nov 2013

Simplicity in policy wordings is easy to achieve if providers cared to try, writes Alan Lakey...Read more

Gender Directive repercussions were mild for CI - CIExpert

Cover Magazine | Paul Robertson | 23 Oct 2013

Critical illness insurance has unexpectedly become cheaper for many young women this year, according to CIExpert’s data tracking...Read more

Guide to Critical Illness

FT Adviser | Training>Adviser Guides

This guide will tackle what role critical illness should play in financial planning, the pros and cons of these policies and how to ensure your client understands the need for this cover and ends up with the right product for the right price...Read more

COVER Excellence Awards 2013 - THE WINNERS

Cover Mag | Fiona Murphy | 09 Oct 2013

The COVER Excellence Awards 2013 were held last week at the Victoria Park Plaza in London to recognise exceptional protection and health insurance products, providers and intermediaries...Read more

’My £62 a month became a life-saver’

Telegraph | Nicole Blackmore | 04 Oct 2013

Cancer is common but treatments are more effective than ever - which is why insurance can be vital, as Monique Oakley found out...Read more

Top 10 protection tools for advisers

FT Adviser | Kevin Carr | Protection | 19 Sep 2013

In researching this article I contacted a range of insurers, technology firms and advisers inviting them to suggest or recommend the protection tools they think are the best. I have never had quite so many emails from insurers quite so quickly...Read more

Ageas CI upgrade: The CIExpert rating

Cover Magazine | Fiona Murphy | 27 Sep 2013

CIExpert has welcomed Ageas Protect’s amendments to its Critical Illness (CI) policy and highlighted its position as the first insurer to extend Type 1 diabetes cover to adults aged below 40...Read more

CIExpert: The big problems with ABI+

Money Marketing | 26 Sep 2013

Like most other industries, financial services seeks to glamorise and promote its products with every tool at its disposal. Sometimes these tools lose their precision and therefore their value...Read more

Bright Grey CI overhaul: the CIExpert rating

Cover Magazine | Fiona Murphy | 23 Sep 2013

CIExpert has analysed the latest alternations from Bright Grey to its menu-based critical illness (CI) policy...Read more

Friends Life CI upgrade: the CIExpert rating

Cover Magazine | Paul Robertson | 23 Sep 2013

Friends Life has reconfirmed its place at the top of the quality tree with a number of innovations CIExpert has concluded...Read more

It’s worth rebroking your clients to modern plans

Mortgage Introducer | Alan Lakey | Sep 2013

It seems that the mortgage market is finally recovering. This, and the fact that the RDR has forced many advisers to eschew investment products, is directing advisers towards a greater focus on protection planning...Read more

Critical stage - are brokers turning their backs on selling CI?

Mortgage Strategy | Edmund Tirbutt | Features | 11 Sep 2013

Advisers boosted critical-illness cover business when the mortgage market went into meltdown but now that mortgage sales are reviving, will CI cover become a casualty or do advisers have a duty to see borrowers covered?...Read more

Scot Prov ‘diversifying’ CI plan from Bright Grey’s in latest changes

Hi-Mag | Tessa Norman | 11 Sep 2013

Bright Grey and Scottish Provident are differentiating their critical illness (CI) plans from one another in a bid to appeal to different markets...Read more

CIExpert analyses Scottish Provident’s CI upgrade

Cover Magazine | Fiona Murphy | 11 Sep 2013

CIExpert has positively reviewed Scottish Provident’s three new alterations to its Self Assurance critical illness (CI) policy which take effect from 16th September...Read more

CIExpert welcomes HSBC’s CI improvements

Cover Magazine | Fiona Murphy | 10 Sep 2013

CIExpert has welcomed HSBC’s recent changes to its critical illness (CI plan), saying this marks the first time the bank ‘has made efforts to compete’ with major CI players...Read more

How to waste £10,000 on life cover

Telegraph | Nicole Blackmore | 8 Sep 2013

Buying a policy from a bank, or even from the insurer, could cost far more than using an adviser...Read more

An eye on partial payments

Cover Magazine | Alan Lakey | 5 Sep 2013

Partial Payments are an added value, but comparison is not plain sailing...Read more

How to claim successfully for critical illness cover

Telegraph | Nicole Blackmore | 30 Aug 2013

Critical-illness cover can be a lifeline to those diagnosed with serious conditions and their families...Read more

Protection report: Panels for providers

FT Adviser | Edmund Tirbutt | 28 Aug 2013

Protection experts are used to rabbiting on about the impact of stress and mental illness but the problem could be closer to home than they think...Read more

CIExpert: Partial payment conditions

Cover Magazine | Alan Lakey | 31 Jul 2013

Partial payments are becoming more prevalent in CI policies, but how to assess them? Alan Lakey investigates...Read more

Critical illness cover is getting better

Every Investor | Alan Lakey | 29 Jul 2013

This year has witnessed a torrent of improvements to critical illness policies...Read more

CIExpert: Getting the right policy for breast cancer

Money Marketing | Protection | 25 Jul 2013

The number of partial payment enhancements to CI cover in recent years have led to some large differences between the level of cover for breast cancer...Read more

CIExpert welcomes Beagle Street CI upgrade

Cover Magazine| Fiona Murphy | 18 Jul 2013

CIExpert has analysed Beagle Street's recent upgrade to its Critical Illness (CI) plan and highlighted improved wordings of eleven conditions.....Read more

CIExpert notes growing complexity with Aviva CI upgrade

Cover Magazine| Fiona Murphy | 8 Jul 2013

CIExpert has analysed recent changes to Aviva's critical illness (CI) plan and said it has highlighted how complex policies are becoming....Read more

CIExpert applauds Zurich’s CI partial payments

Cover Magazine| Paul Robertson | 28 Jun 2013

CIExpert has analysed Zurich’s recent upgrade to its critical illness plans and highlighted its early stage cancer coverage...Read more

LV=’s new CI policy first serious hybrid - CIExpert

Cover Magazine| Paul Robertson | 31 May 2013

CIExpert has hailed LV=’s upgrade to its critical illness (CI) plans as the first serious attempt at a hybrid approach between traditional CI and severity-based payments...Read more

CIExpert: Children’s cover for CI

Money Marketing | Alan Lakey | 30 May 2013

It is potentially an emotive subject but the reality is CI for children can be an important component of a good quality policy...Read more

CIExpert ‘applauds’ Bright Grey’s CI changes

Cover Magazine | Paul Robertson | 28 May 2013

CIExpert has analysed recent changes to Bright grey’s critical illness definitions and approved of the insurers clarification of definitions...Read more

Price war? CI premiums lower than pre G-day

Cover Magazine | Nicola Culley | 13 May 2013

Price wars between providers are “as full on as ever”, CIExpert has stated following reports that some critical illness (CI) premiums are lower than pre-G-Day rates....Read more

Alan Lakey: The perils of relying on execution-only

Money Marketing | Regulation | 8 May 2013

Over the years I’ve been contacted by numerous compliance consultants, seers and experts of one sort or another who have attempted to point my firm in the ‘right direction’ to avoid regulatory opprobrium and the potential for complaints...Read more

Skandia Protect to re-enter CI market

15.04.13 - Skandia Protect has today announced its return to the critical illness arena...

Hi-Mag  Money Marketing  Cover Magazine  Mortgage Strategy

L&G raises max applicant age in raft of changes to CI plan

Hi-Mag | Critical Illness | 15 April 2013

Legal & General has introduced a new definition for cardiac arrest to its critical illness (CI) plan, and raised the maximum age it will accept applicants up to, as part of a raft of improvements made to the product...Read more

CIExpert gives thumbs up to L&G CI improvements

Cover Magazine | Paul Robertson | 15 April 2013

Critical illness insurance database CIExpert has released an analysis of Legal & General’s alterations to its critical illness products. Alan Lakey, director at CIExpert, said of the changes: “This confirms L&G’s commitment to being a major player in the quality end of the adviser market”...Read more

CIExpert: Out with the old?

Money Marketing | Alan Lakey | 28 March 2013

How often is an adviser confronted by a client with an existing critical illness policy who is looking for advice on whether it should be retained or replaced? It could be because a new mortgage is being arranged or maybe the client has read about improvements to CI plans...Read more

CIExpert Analysis: Beagle Street CI

Cover Magazine | Nicola Culley | 25 March 2013

Beagle Street’s critical illness plan offers 23 conditions including children’s cover up to £25,000. The definitions abide strictly by the ABI model wordings and aims to be a low-cost simple, direct to consumer plan...Read more

CIExpert launches tool for product comparison

FT Adviser | Marc Shoffman | 13 March 2013

Critical illness comparison website CIExpert has launched a tool to allow advisers to compare old and new protection products...Read more

CIExpert: Would customers benefit from non advice?

Cover Magazine | Alan Lakey | 7 March 2013

If commission was abolished for protection plans, what would be the result? Would the customer benefit? Perhaps not, finds Alan Lakey...Read more

CIExpert launches valued based assessment for CI policy replacement

Cover Magazine| Paul Robertson | 8 March 2013

CIExpert has upgraded its online knowledgebase for advisers adding tools to simplify comparing a critical illness policy with one that a client has previously acquired...Read more

Cash strapped cancer patients living in isolation - Macmillan

Cover Magazine| Paul Robertson | 11 February 2013

One in four (23%) of the 325,000 newly diagnosed cancer patients in the UK - an estimated 70,000 patients each year - lack support from family and friends during their treatment and recovery, according to Macmillan Cancer Support...Read more

Unsung IFA hero #11 Alan Lakey

IFA Online  | 10 January 2013

"...Alan is one of those people who will always give more than what he takes from the industry. As a leading expert in critical illness he has singlehandedly launched CIExpert, which is now the premiere critical illness comparison website in the UK”...Read more

CIExpert’s Alan Lakey wins Protection IFA of the Year 2013

08.02.13 - We are pleased to announce that CIExpert’s Alan Lakey recently won the Unbiased Awards Protection IFA of the Year Award 2013. To see the award listings click here, for a photo click here.

Tenet offers members access to critical illness portal

FT Adviser | Donia O’Loughlin | 01.02.13

Tenet member says CIExpert has proven to be an ‘invaluable tool’ for ensuring CI research is accurate. Tenet Group will be offering its appointed representatives and associate advisers access to critical illness portal CIExpert’s Online Service...Read more

The scarcity of worthwhile analytical knowledge

Mortgage Introducer| Protection Review | Alan Lakey | January 2013

Over the past decade the financial advice industry has focused its attention on wealth management with all manner of sites providing guidance on stochastic modelling, find growth, chart creation and the like...Read more

Urgent need to check new policy documents, adviser warns

Cover Magazine |Nicola Culley | 16.01.13

A protection adviser has warned advisers to check critical illness cover policy documents after receiving a series of out-dated terms and conditions for clients...Read more

CIExpert - Children’s Cover

Cover Magazine | Feature | Alan Lakey | 15.01.13

In the latest of a series exploring the finer points of critical illness protection, CIExpert’s Alan Lakey examines children’s cover...Read more

CIExpert: Ageas improves its critical illness policy

Cover Magazine | Paul Robertson | 16.01.13

CIExpert has released its assessment of changes Ageas has made to its critical illness plan...Read more

CIExpert - Aegon’s upgraded CI policy

Cover Magazine | Paul Robertson | 10.01.13

CIExpert has released its assessment of changes Aegon has made to its critical illness policy...Read more

Critical illness: Everything you need to know

FT Adviser | Protection | Kevin Carr | 04.01.13

Critical illness is a stalwart product in financial planning, but it is often misunderstood...Read more

Financial protection may have bad name - but dare you be without it?

Daily Mail | Jeff Prestridge | 01.12.12

Financial protection has been given a bad name by the poor value offered by payment protection insurance. But for many people, the reassurance that cover brings cannot be overestimated...Read more

Aviva does “tidying up” job on CI cover

Mortgage Solutions | Protection | Vicky Hartley | 26.11.12

The insurer has moved to “Activities of Daily Work” from “Activities of Daily Living” for applicants in higher risk occupations. Aviva has also altered its definition of benign brain tumour claims...Read more

Guide to Critical Illness Cover

FTAdviser | Adviser Guide | 22.11.12

Research carried out by Scottish Widows this summer found three-quarters of UK families have no protection products. Yet many people are happy to insure their pets and possessions rather than themselves...View the guide

Panacea Adviser: Protection Chat

Panacea Adviser | 11.09.12

CIExpert has teamed up with Panacea to bring you a dedicated Protection forum, where you can discuss any Protection queries you may have, or to help others with any issues they may have...Visit the Forum today

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